Designed while Climbing!

At Chalkprints®, we love designing well-considered apparel and accessories for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Based in San Francisco, California, our small crew draws its ideas and inspiration from extensive climbing and bouldering experience in Yosemite Valley, Bishop, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks and other world famous climbing havens.

A Little History...

Chalkprints® is a reincarnation of Rockhopper, the original rock climbing apparel start-up launched in 2003 by designer and founder Constantine. These original Rockhopper brand T-shirts and pants were manufactured in the United States and Europe respectively, and sold through local Bay Area climbing gyms. After a brief hiatus, the start-up that was loved by many back in its early days is now back as Chalkprints®, re-energized and excited to be back in business, doing what it loves to do most!

"I love being a climber and being part of the climbing community. It's a really versatile, passionate and interesting group of people, brought together by their love for the sport - and I want to continue being a part of this vibrant community. I get a real kick out of designing something that is highly functional, looks great, and ultimately is loved and enjoyed by a broad group of people."

Our Philosophy

We believe that design decisions should be guided by keen, thoughtful observation of the needs of the sport and the unique characteristics of each material, so that our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also downright functional, possessing details that only hands-on climbing experience can inform.

We also believe that while it's great to train hard, and with focus, there is no call to take ourselves and life too seriously. Most people rock climb for the sheer fun of it, and Chalkprints® products aim to reflect that sense of playfulness and light-hearted pleasure that most folks identify with a day spent outdoors, bouldering in nature with an inspiring group of friends!

Our Store

Shop our online store for men's clothing, women's clothing, and climbing accessories or check back to find out where our wandering store is going to be next. You might catch our traveling shop at Camp 4, Hidden Valley in JTree, The Buttermilks, or one of the other classic West Coast crags. Write to us at any time. We would love to hear from you and your emails will be personally answered!